Once upon a time there was… The Storytelling of Science in Sydney

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There’s a rather interesting science event coming up in Sydney: The Storytelling of Science. Here’s how the event is described:

Join us to hear from some of Sydney’s best science communicators and how they use the ancient craft of storytelling to hook audiences.

As attention spans shrink, engaging others with science is getting harder, but does this have to be the case? Whether it is Archimedes taking a bath or an apple falling on Newton’s head, stories are far easier to remember than the facts science offers. See the best tell their own science stories and drive their discussion on the stories behind science. From the origin of the universe to the exciting technologies that will change our future, this event is one story you will want to hear.

Sydney’s storytellers include: Astronomer and Outreach Officer for the Australian Astronomical Observatory Dr Amanda Bauer; Catalyst presenter Jonica Newby; founder of Prismatic Sciences and former president of the Australian Science Communicators Dr Jesse Shore; and physicist, engineer, science communicator and entertainer Dr Joel Gilmore. This event will be hosted by physicist and science communicator Dr Andrew Stephenson.

The event is co-presented by The Science Nation and the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. I don’t know much, well anything, about The Science Nation but they appear to be doing some interesting stuff.

For more on the event, tickets and so forth it’s all here. (The event, by the way, is on in Adelaide and Brisbane too.)

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