Gift Cards on Sale – stop paying full price for your entertainment

giftcardsonsalelogoIf you buy stuff online – whether from iTunes, Google Play, Facebook or anywhere similar, you’re mad if you aren’t watching Gift Cards on Sale.

Gift Cards on Sale just does one thing – it notifies you when,well…, gift cards are on sale. And if you follow the site you’ll find that for iTunes in particular there’s a sale on somewhere pretty much all the time.

iTunes sales mean you can generally buy a card for a 15-20% discount. You then just stick that card on your iTunes account and say goodbye to paying full price for your music, movies and apps. really you’re completely mad if you don’t.

You can follow Gift Cards on Sale through all the usual channels. They don’t even carry advertising and seem to be doing this out the genuine goodness of their hearts. Here’s how they describe themselves.

‘Gift Cards on Sale’ is a website that has been designed for Aussies who are looking to find the best gift card deals and promotions in one easy place. The site was born in 2011 after a request from Apple’s legal team forced us to rename and rebrand our existing ‘iTunes on Sale’ site.
‘iTunes on Sale’ was originally created in 2009 for two reasons. The first reason was to consolidate and catalogue as many of the iTunes discounts and promotions that are currently on offer around Australia, so that people can take advantage of our competitive retail giants fighting for our dollars. The other reason was due to our love of music, and the knowledge that each year piracy costs music, television and film artists a lot of money, thus affecting their future. Whilst this might not be so true for massive artists; for the independent, alternative and underground artists, piracy can really affect their ability to create the music that we have come to know and love. If you support a band by purchasing their music, they will support you by continuing to make new music.

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