Weekend and after-school coding opportunities at Thinkspace

thinkspace minecraftThere are some great looking coding opportunities coming up for kids at Thinkspace.

Thinkspace at MAAS – the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences that was the Powerhouse – has a long tradition of doing really innovative stuff and that seems to be continuing with some great after-school and weekend creative opportunities.

There’s After-school Creative Computing: “Book now for after-school courses (one afternoon a week for 6 weeks) that explore creative computing. Discover the basics of the programming language Python from within Minecraft. Building in Minecraft with Python makes constructing huge towers as easy as writing a few lines of code (ages 9+). Or try your hand at Scratch, a fun software for animation and game design!”

There’s weekend work on building with Minecraft, on circuits, and on green-screen filming. There’s also a Scratch family day for Museum members, although that currently appears to be sold out. The list of activities is long and varied.

Slightly confusingly, several of the events are described as ‘drop-in’ but they still require booking. So don’t assume you can just turn up.

It’s great to see Thinkspace leveraging all the wonderful work it has done on holiday programs into weekend and after-school activities. And equally great to see these new opportunities appearing for Sydney kids to learn to code and build.

It’s equally refreshing, by the way, to see some of this pitched at adult visitors. There’s no reason only kids should learn to code.

See the Thinkspace website for all the electrically-charged details.

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