Dept of Education makes Microsoft Office available free

microsoft 365The NSW Department of Education has not been lazing about during the school holidays. Students can now get free access to Microsoft Office 365 in addition to Google Apps. That’s a fantastic opportunity.

Without wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, and with full understanding of the need for security, it would be nice if it were just a little easier for students to get through the process of actually getting the applications onto their computers. You can’t help but feel sometimes that the Department’s IT boffins are creating the perfect system at the expense of anyone actually using it; but, hey, given using the Department’s deal will save you $150 or so, it’s worth a little procedural pain to go through the process. I’d dearly love to see some stats on the uptake of this deal, but I doubt they’ll ever surface publicly.

If you have access to the Department’s portal go there now and grab hold of all that free goodness.

Teachers have access to the same deal too.

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