Engibear: Childrens books about engineering (with free offer)

IMG_0386Engibear is a series of books about an engineering bear and his Bearbots written and illustrated in Australia by Andrew King and Benjamin Johnston: They are wonderful, just wonderful.

The first book is Engibear’s Dream: “It is a counting book that introduces Engibear and his Bearbots while illustrating, in a humorous way, that things don’t always go as planned and that it is good to keep on trying”.

The second book in the series is Engibear’s Bridge. The books are also designed to:

– Personalise engineering through the character Engibear
– Provide enough engineering content to raise children’s awareness of engineering
– Introduce the concept of engineering drawings and their use in design

The books are stunningly illustrated and nicely written (although some of the rhymes, it must be said, are strained); but the best thing is that there are real engineering ideas in there presented in a completely accessible fashion. The books are backed up by a beautifully presented website at: www.engibear.com where you can find all the details on where to buy the books in addition to free downloads of activities.

These books would make simply fabulous Christmas presents for younger children.

To celebrate the release of  Engibear’s Bridge the crew at Bearly Engineering have a limited-time special offer. Both Engibear’s Dream and Engibears Bridge are available as ebooks from iTunes. But for December 2014 only, the Engibear’s Dream ebook will be available FOR FREE on iTunes!

EDIT: The same free offer is available via Google Play, and there’s also a nifty little Android augmented reality app available for Engibear.

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