Review: innerexile Hydra case heals itself

hydra caseI’m fairly sure it was only a year or so ago that I was reading about scientists coming up with a material that would heal itself from scratches – and now it’s available as a case for the iPhone 6.

The innerexile Hydra case appears, without any sophisticated testing, to live up to its promise that it will heal from light scratches. That promise is also validated by more sophisticated reviews than me scratching the case with my fingernails.

In one sense the case looks basic, almost boring: It’s a lightweight, transparent or, mildly coloured, case. The great thing about it though is that it complements, rather than hides, all of the design effort that went into the iPhone itself. It’s hard to see how you could get a case much more minimalist than this.

The self-healing property is almost just an added bonus if you’re after a simple case, but its addition does make the innerexile Hydra case stand out from the crowd. The case costs $27 for the iPhone 6 and $30 for the iPhone 6 Plus.

The only problem we can see with the case is that you can’t help deliberately scratching it to see the self-healing in action.

We scratched away at a review copy of the innerexile Hydra case from the lovely folk at Expansys.

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