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museum applied arts and sciencePart of Rose Hiscock’s vision as the new Director of the Powerhouse Museum includes: “A brand strategy is in development to articulate the positioning, brand values and visual identity for the Powerhouse’s network of venues.”

I’m guessing we’re beginning to see the product of that strategy in the latest missives from the Museum. Where the core branding used to be the Powerhouse itself, it now appears to be shifting to the underlying Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS). The Powerhouse is referred to as the somewhat unwieldy  “Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences’ Powerhouse Museum“. The seems to be a gentle shift, because the wording isn’t consistent across recent marketing materials, but it’s definitely there.

There’s a lot to be said for this approach given the underlying MAAS covers more than just the Powerhouse; the Sydney Observatory stands out. There’s a shiny website to describe what it’s all about at The MAAS 2020 vision is rather nicely set out there and all seems very laudable.

I can’t help but wish, though, as I do whenever I write about the Powerhouse that they would direct some time and effort into sorting out their current displays rather than focusing on exhibitions that may bring in paying heads but seem to have only a tenuous connection to their core purpose.

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