The Mystery Puzzle – Sydney’s newest escape-the-room game

mystery puzzleLocked room games seem to be this year’s in-thing. They are opening up all over the place. Sydney’s is about to get another one with the launching of The Mystery Puzzle sometime in Novemnber

The Mystery Puzzle is “an adrenaline-pumping race against the clock”, where participants need to find clues and solve puzzles to escape a locked room.

Putting participants in the middle of a pirate treasure hunt or casino murder scene, The Mystery Puzzle will be an immersive real-life room escape game. Fans of the escape-the-room video game genre will be familiar with the concept; however, “a unique twist to this challenge will make The Mystery Puzzle thrilling and enjoyable for everyone”.

The Mystery Puzzle has multiple difficulties to suit various skill levels, making it a accessible to people of all ages. Each challenge can accommodate teams of two to five people, with the option to race against friends or simply the clock.

The owners say that the large game rooms and seasonal changes to the puzzles mean there will always be something new to discover.

Bookings are available now via Use the offer code MYSTERY30P online to receive a limited time 30% off early bird discount.

The Mystery Puzzle is at Level 1, 37 Bligh Street, Sydney.

We haven’t played this one, so will be interested in feedback once it opens on how it compares to the competition.

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