tronixlabsIn the interest of fairness, let me tell you about Tronixlabs. They’re not my go-to electronics supplier, but I have bought from them and found the service excellent. When I bought Raspberry Pis recently they had the best price I could find, and I had the devices in my hands within a couple of days. They’ve also got some unusual items I haven’t seen elsewhere.

They reached out recently after we reviewed the local Sydney competitor and here’s what they had to say:

We’re an online store that offers a growing range of hobbyist electronics, kits, robotics, Arduino, and much more from local and international suppliers such as Freetronics, Jaycar, adafruit, DFrobot, Seeedstudio, and more. We’re an authorised Arduino reseller and offer excellent value on both genuine and compatible products.

Unlike some of our competitors we have live stock levels, a support forum, same-day shipping and we’re also happy to work with educators to meet their specific requirements.

This includes customised parts bundles and net 30-day terms to make purchasing easy for Australian schools, TAFEs, libraries and universities.

Finally we’d like to offer your website visitors 10% off any order over $100 with the coupon code “GEEKINSYDNEY” until the end of the month.


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