Kickstarting The Uncanny Valley

The Uncanny Valley is a documentary styled show that tells stories about people who love things not because they’re cool; but for the pure sake of loving them.

That’s a fine start isn’t it? The Uncanny Valley is also being made locally in Sydney which makes it even better.

The producers have already shot three episodes using borrowed equipment, but are now looking to become more independent by purchasing their own equipment with Kickstarter backing.

The series seems to have a bit of a leaning towards gaming culture, which is not that surprising given the creators are also involved in Capsule Computers;  but they’ve already covered zombies too, and have plans to extend their range.  In any case, as the producers point out the show is not about the things it’s about “the people who never let that childlike love of things escape”.

You can back the project for a little as a dollar, which gets you “a warm feeling inside”, all the way up to $1000, which gets you executive producer credit and dinner cooked by the producer in Sydney. As I write they have 34 backers with pledges of $1347 out of their $3000 target.

Regardless of your interest in backing them it’s worth taking a look at their first episode: 48 Hours. The Global Game Jam is a 48 Hour worldwide game competition where teams have just 2 days to create a game from start to finish. The Uncanny Valley followed Team Blackwolf to see how they went. The result is impressive.

Full details The Uncanny Valley are on the Kickstarter page.

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