And the zombies will walk

zombie walkThe Sydney Zombie Walk 2014 is barely 8 weeks away now.The zombies will shamble into action on November 1; starting, at noon, and ending in Hyde Park.

For 5 years now zombies have been dragging their rotting limbs across Sydney in an effort to raise money for the Brain Foundation: So it’s a fun activity for a fantastic cause.

To participate in the Walk you must register, and it helps if you fund-raise as well. The Zombie Walk website includes tips on make-up – for example adding a few drops of red food colouring to a bottle of chocolate sauce makes for very realistic, and presumably tasty, blood.

For all the undead details see

Browsing the Zombie Walk website also lead to the discovery that the Zombie Walk organisers have a sideline in hiring out zombies for corporate occasions. Just the thing for a medical or insurance conference I’d have thought.

Image: Zombie Walk

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