TripGo now gets me going

tripgoTripGo has recently been updated and is now presenting itself as a really useful app with a couple of unique features.

I reviewed TripGo after it was released a couple of years ago and was less than impressed. I’ve watched it ever since and seen continual development, until the latest release is making it look like a seriously useful app to have in your Sydney transport arsenal.

There are a couple of features that make TripGo stand out from the crowd. The first is its focus on the environmental impact of what you are doing – the app attempts to tell you how much your transport choice will cost in both dollar and CO2 terms. It also provides the widest choice of transport options I have seen, including, and this is extremely significant, car share schemes. So you can set the app up to include your choice of car share in your transport options. While I love this feature it seems strange that in using it the app fails to give walking directions to the neatest car or to include the time taken to get to the car in the overall trip-time.

Another nice feature is that the app automatically includes real-time information when you look at a route. So when you pull up a bus option, for example, it shows you where the bus currently is. There are other apps that have the real-time information available but you generally have to opt to push a separate control to see that information. The app also indicated clearly when real-time information is available for a route.

The big change in the latest update to TripGo is integration with your calendar so that you automatically get transport options for upcoming meetings. Again this is a really nice feature. It obviously relies on you having location data available for the meeting, but that’s a good investment of time when there is such a clear pay-off.

Overall TripGo has really hit its stride and is offering what may now be the most comprehensive Sydney transport app.

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