Mythbusters live: Behind the Myths

mythbustersThe Behind the Myths show starts out with Adam Savage showing how he learned to juggle. It’s a really strong part of the show if you are there with kids, as the story centeres on resilience and the need for failure. It’s also pretty much sets the scene for a show which could have been titled Mythbusters Travelling Circus or Jamie and Adams Sideshow of Wonders.

Taking Mythbusters live was always going to be a challenge: There’s not much scope for explosions or trying to build things within the confines of a live stage show. The result is a cross between a fan-fest, a science show and a sideshow: But don’t get me wrong, it turns out that that is a great combination if you are into Mythbusters. The show is fun, gives a real insight into Jamie and Adam, which was either completely unforced or amazingly well scripted, and has an overlay of science to keep things grounded. I’m not sure it was entirely worth the hefty ticket price; or perhaps better put it wouldn’t have been worth the cost if it weren’t for the fact it was Jamie and Adam on stage. The chance to see the Mythbusters in the flesh was too good to miss.

Also too good to miss was the show’s finale which gets as close to explosive as you’re going to find inside a theater venue. My only real regret was that in the Q&A section no one asked them about the build crew leaving the show.

See the website for full details on the Mythbusters Live: Behind the Myths Tour which is still running around Australia.

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