ElectroCraft Sydney is electronics for women and girls

electrocraftElectroCraft Sydney is a social and learning group made up of women and girls who want to make electronic and circuit based projects. They catch up once a month in Ultimo and beginners are apparently very welcome.

I met the always enthusiastic Joy Suliman at the Mini Maker Faire and she was waxing lyrical about the cool possibilities in ElectroCraft Sydney. Joy is, in her daytime job, a fabulous teacher of programming and electronics to kids and anything she’s doing is likely to be both welcoming and interesting. At the Faire, ElectroCraft Sydney were cleverly showing off paper electronic circuits which left me very impressed.

Not being a woman or girl I can’t speak to their meetings from personal experience. But the concept is cool and the people involved are excellent, so if you are into electronics and making and are appropriately female you should get in touch with them.

All the shiny, blinking details can be found on their Facebook page.

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