Sea-Eagle Cam – someone’s watching

seaeagleI’ve become strangely obsessed with watching a sea eagle nesting in Sydney Olympic Park. Thanks to a live webcam situated right above the nest you can watch the sea eagles go through their day. At the moment they have a young, fluffy chick to care for which makes the whole show even more entertaining than usual as long as you’re not put off by half-eaten fish.

The Sea-Eagle Cam feed is not just photos it’s a live video stream so you get to see what’s happening in real-time complete with sound. I must admit, though, that it’s the sort of thing you want to have running in a corner of your desktop most of the time. It turns out that nesting sea eagles spend a chunk of their day doing very little so the only way you can tell that the feed is not on a loop is to watch the time-stamp. But then suddenly they’ll feed the chick or something else will happen to make a bit of patience pay off. A second egg is due to hatch in a couple of days for further excitement.

The web cam is backed up by a chat session so if you have any questions about what’s going on there’s someone to help.

Sea-Eagle Cam is a lovely initiative bringing a bit of Sydney wildlife into our homes. For the general website go here, for the Cam itself go here.

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