We are becoming enslaved by our technology

Terminator1001Are we becoming enslaved to our technology? That’s the question being posed in the next IQ2 debate on 12 August at Angel Place.

Here’s how it’s described:

Human curiosity, ingenuity and creativity have combined over the centuries to produce ever more powerful technologies – wonderments that even the poorest of the world can now afford. At their best, these technologies are great enablers. However, what if we are losing our grip on these inventions? Might the harnessing of Big Data by corporations and governments erode personal autonomy and remove the whimsy of life as our every want is predicted and served? Will we become so dependent on technology that we lose ourselves – even our humanity – in the things we have made?

The panel of deabters includes Peter Singer, Bernard Keane and Asher Wolf. It looks like it will be an interesting debate. Sadly for me it’s trumped by Dr Who Live, which may have it’s own take on technology and humanity.

See the website for all the contentious details.

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