Australia 11th at International Maths Olympiad

maths olympiadSeventeen year old Alex Gunning has won a gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad – and it’s the second time he’s managed that amazing achievement.

Gunning was one of three students to achieve a perfect score and win a gold medal. To put perspective on how difficult that is – you ‘only’ need  a score above 28/42 to get a gold medal and Gunning managed an awesome 42/42.

It is rare for anyone to win gold, but extremely rare to manage to win two. Although some reports have Gunning as the first Australian to win two gold medals, the International Mathematical Olympiad records indicate he’s actually our secondRegardless, it’s an absolutely amazing achievement.

In addition to Gunning’s gold, the Australian team won three silvers and two bronze medals and came 11th overall – one of Australia’s best ever results, the only better was 9th out of smaller field in 1997. China, as is pretty much usual, came first in the competition followed by the USA and Taiwan.

Heartiest congratulations to the Australian team and Alex Gunning.

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