NextThere is a lovely public transport app

NextThereNextThere is yet another real-time public transport information app, but it’s one I find myself using more and more often because it is simple and so clearly presented.

Basically NextThere shows you upcoming departures from your stop. You can either look at all the departures from a stop or only those to a particular destination. I love the fact that you can so simply see all the activity on a stop rather than having to pick specific routes. The app then just creates a list and shows you if the buses are running on time. If you want to track a particular service just click on the item in the list and a nice map comes up showing the real-time position.

The app is not just for buses, but I find trains less of an issue as they have their own status boards on the platform. Although the fact that the app can send out alerts when there are delays on particular lines would be of use on any mode of transport.

None of this is revolutionary, but the good thing is the clarity and simplicity of the presentation. If you already know where you are going, NextThere makes it really easy to find the next service from where you are to get you there. That said, because it doesn’t give you routing information, if you don’t know where you are going, NextThere isn’t likely to be the only app you’d keep in your public transport arsenal; for example, I’m keeping TripView and Transport Info ready to roll for those purposes.

NextThere is free but there is an additional subscription that will remove ads and allow you to track more activity. There’s an option to try out the free features for a period so it’s easy to give NextThere and see what you think. For more information see their website.

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