Do science and god mix?

cosmic-chemistryDo science and God mix? is the sub-title of a National Science Week presentation by Professor John Lennox.

Lennox is an Oxford mathematician and self-described Christian apologist who has written and debated widely on the compatibility of Christianity and science.  He will be covering questions such as: “What do scientists make of the book of Genesis? Do you wonder about the fusion of Christianity and science? Do you like to wrestle with ideas of faith and scientific claims?”

I must admit that as an atheist I’m torn by this. On one level I think it would be interesting to hear the ideas explored, but there’s a core conceit that I find it almost impossible to overcome: It’s that even if there is a God that’s compatible with science, I see no reason it has to be the standard Christian god above all of the others. So I’m going to have to overcome some deep skepticism to come at this one.

Anyway, it’s always good to hear all sides to an argument. Dr Lennox is touring the country with his Cosmic Chemistry show. The details can all be found here.

By the way, the National Science Week events are all listed under categories. I find it amusing to contemplate some poor person having to struggle with how to list this event in the natural absence of a heading ‘religion’ in Science Week activities. Instead they used: “Archaeology and antiquity, Environment and nature, Space and astronomy”.

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