A World tour of science museums

Childrens-Museum-IndianapolBen Newsome is a lucky man. He’s spending a few months on a Churchill Fellowship wandering the world and looking at science museums.

Newsome is the founder of Fizzics Education so he has a history with teaching kids about science. That puts him in an excellent position to judge what can and can’t work in attracting people to science museums.

While I admit to being a bit jealous of Newsome’s trip it’s not so much because of where he’s going. My family has a history of visiting science museums around the World, so I’m in no position to claim jealousy on that front. No, but I am a bit jealous just because Newsome gets to go behind the scenes at some of the coolest museums on the planet. Reading his blog makes you realise how many extraordinary opportunities there out there.

Following Newsome’s travels around the world on his blog just drives home how many interesting and innovative science museums there are around the world – and, by extension, how poorly served we are here in Australia. Perhaps Ben might be able to help with that upon his return.

Ben’s Science Outreach on the Road blog is here.

Image: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Ben Newsome.


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