Ruby on Rails InstallFest on June 24

reinteractiveRuby on Rails is an open source web development framework that I keep hearing about these days. I also keep meaning to take a better look at it, especially since it was recommended as a way of getting my kids’ programming groups quickly developing web sites. A free evening of pizza, drinks and professional assistance in getting up and running looks like a great starting point.

The team at reInteractive are running a free Ruby on Rails InstallFest event to help new developers get started; and help interested professional developers learn about a new language. They’ve run this event every month in Sydney for over a year and have helped over 400 people get set up and started with Rails and build their own application and get it live on the internet in just one night. Ruby professionals from the Community volunteer their time as mentors to help attendees and to give back to the Ruby Community.

The details for the next event are:
When: Tuesday June 24
Time: 6.30pm
Where: Fairfax Media, 1 Darling Island Pyrmont
Cost: Free! (And that even includes pizza and drinks.)
RSVP: meetup
Image: reInteractive.

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