Mineapalooza cancelled

Mineapaloza, the Minecraft fest scheduled for later this month, has been cancelled.

The cancellation is not going to come as a great surprise to anyone who has been watching Mineapalooza unfold. From the very first there’s been a certain amateurishness about the whole thing that stood in stark contrast to its ticket prices. That sense was reinforced when the organisers confirmed they’d never run a conference before. Put that together with a, completely accurate, feeling that this was not an Australian event but simply one aimed at Australians, and there was a sense of uncertainty that never went away.

The organisers subtly put the failure down to lack of support from the creators of Minecraft. It’s probably true that had Mojang backed the conference it might have worked, but it’s down to the organisers to get that backing – and to do so before setting up an event like this.

The sad thing is that the failure of an event like this may put off others. Sydney really lacks for some of these core geeky events like Minecraft conferences and Maker Faires at a significant size. I would argue that’s not for lack of people or interest. Certainly I’d hate for the failure of Mineapalooza getting up to send a message anywhere other than that organising an event is not something to be done for the first time from half way around the world.

The Mineapalooza organisers say that anyone who has bought tickets will be receiving a full refund over the next few days. Their press release is here.

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