Isoscope puts your commute on the map

sydney isoscopeHow far can you drive in ten minutes? While Isoscope is designed to shed light on commuting, it’d also be a boon for someone running away from home. One click and you can work out the best time to get as far away as possible – although ten minutes in Sydney doesn’t take you all that far.

Isoscope is a clever little web site that shows you a map of your city with an overlay showing how far you can get on foot or in a car. You can compare various areas – which might actually be interesting if you’re thinking of moving house – and look at particular times of the day or days of the week. It’s interesting to see where your commute can take you. It’d be even better if you could compare distances on a bike or public transport.

“We wanted our project to shed light on situations when urban mobility is compromised, when the pulse of the city falters, such as during traffic jams,” said the gentlemen who designed the tool in an urban mobility class at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam.

If you are a commuter you’re perfectly aware of how long your drive is, but this is a different and illuminating perspective.

To have a play with Isoscope look here and search for Sydney in the box at top left; for details on the how and the why behind it go here.

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