Dicestormers on YouTube – wish they were in my living room

dicestormersI have always struggled with the idea of watching other people play sport. It’s a personal weakness, I just can’t get enthused about it. I share this flaw with you, simply because it puts perspective on why I’m equally unenthused about watching people play board games on YouTube, and why you shouldn’t let my lack of enthusiasm reflect on Dicestormers.

I recently had lunch with one of the lovely group behind the Dicestormers – a local YouTube channel dedicated to RPG games. The format will be familiar to anyone who’s seen Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop series. The big difference is that Dicestormers is focused on RPG games and are Australian (and none of them, to the best of my knowledge, starred in Star Trek).

So in the interests of research I have watched the Dicestormers team play several games. They are funny, witty, give good explanations of the games and exactly the sort of group I’d love to play RPGs with on a Saturday evening. If you’re interested in role playing games, and do like watching other people play, I highly recommend taking a look at their channel.

Although, while I’m baring my soul in the spirit of full disclosure, the other factor they lack in comparison with Tabletop is Felicia Day…

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