Brian Cox tickets are on sale

Brian Cox ShowIf you bought tickets to Professor Brian Cox’s tour last year, you can now buy pre-sale tickets to this year’s show.

In Sydney, the Brian Cox Making Sense of the Cosmos show is on 21 and 22 October at the State Theater. We loved this show last year, and have just booked for this year. Cox is entertaining and intelligent, and with luck he’ll have our own fantastic Adam Spencer backing him up again this time.

The all new show Brian Cox – Making Sense of the Cosmos takes audiences on a dazzling journey through space and time, at times delving into ‘high science’ and at others freewheeling on the edges of the known cosmos. Always captivating, continually surprising and forever pushing the boundaries, Professor Brian Cox takes science to a new dimension in this new stage show.

The gory details are here.

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