YouTube Fan Fest hits Sydney this month

logo-auThere seem to be a lot of geeky activities around at the moment. The end of May sees the YouTube Fan Fest.

The YouTube FanFest brings YouTube’s biggest superstars from Australia and around the world to Luna Park, Sydney for an exclusive live show on 31st May! Featuring Jenna Marbles, Ryan Higa, Tyler Oakley, Bethany Mota, Troye Sivan, IISuperwomanII, Chloe Morello, Rob Nixon, Vsauce, Mychonny, Veritasium and Jay Jay. Get ready to be thrilled by an exciting and hilarious mix of music, comedy, fashion, education and beauty all together on one stage. It will be a show you’ll never forget! Don’t miss it!

There seems to be something for everyone there, although personally it was Veritsium and Vsauce that caught my attention. While I know all the headliners would be entertaining in their way, I’m not at all sure I’m interested in sitting through all the others just to get to the two who interest me. Hey, but that says simply that I’m an old geek, so don’t let that detract from the idea of seeing a bunch of extremely professional entertainers –  Jenna Marbles for example has 13 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

YouTube Fan Fest is on 31 May at Luna Park. Tickets are on sale and appear to be around the $90 mark. Full details are here.

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