That Little Box has interesting toys

zerry-bearbrickThat Little Box is “A designer toy store and blog, run by a dynamic duo in Sydney, Australia.” 

The toys involved are more collectibles than the sort of thing you’re going to hand over to your 18-month-old to gnaw upon. The range includes Kidrobot, Fatcat, Bearbrick and Unicorno. I have to admit that this is an area I know little to nothing about, but the toys do look lovely and it’s easy to see the attraction that led to That Little Box being set up. The collecting mania certainly bit the boys behind the shop hard:  

Their passion for designer toys started with the popular Bearbrick series from Medicom Toy and then slowly grew from there over the years. Their toy collection has now grown to a number in the hundreds and you’ll find little, vinyl figurines littered in every space of their room.

big-mystery-box-510x600So, if you are into designer collectible toys That Little Box is should be on your radar. If you have no real idea, but are interested in finding out more, the shop has a solution – the Mystery Box will get you a range of toys selected by the shop owners in a box with a big question-mark on it.

You can find That Little Box here.

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