Review: Bedlam is a clever, funny book

BedlamImagine waking up inside a computer game. Ross Baker is an overworked programmer who finds himself bewilderingly doing just that.

Bedlam is a book that from a distance reeks with the possibility of being cheesy, simplistic and exploitative. It is, in fact, none of those things thanks to the fine writing of Christopher Brookmyer. It turns out Bedlam avoids all the obvious clichés and develops as a thought-provoking and entertaining read.

Brookmyer’s book is about a programmer whose ‘mind’ has been transferred into a computer game. As he plays through a geek-gamers wish-list of games from the inside, the book revolves around the mystery of why he is there and what it means out in the ‘real’ world. Brookmyer deals with this with his customary intelligence, insight and wit. There are many points at which you can’t help but laugh out loud at the sweary jokes. – it really is hilarious in some spots. Brookmyer has always been a bit like a Scottish Carl Hiaasen; here he he’s part Hiaasen, part Terry Pratchett and all Brookmyer.

I have to admit Christopher Brookmyer is one of my favourite authors, this latest book is a bit of departure from the earlier ones but just as good or all that. I highly recommend Bedlam.

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