Ordering food online with Menulog

menulog_shareOver the last few weeks I’ve ordered home delivery a few times using Menulog. It’s a simple and handy way to go about ordering a takeaway meal which cuts out several of the major frustrations with the old-fashioned process of phoning in your order.

First you have a bank of menus available to you. They are not crushed from being stuck in a drawer, waterlogged from being dropped on your doorstep, or out-of-date (or is that only in my household?). Picking a restaurant is facilitated by being able to filter on type of food and by having a review system.

The actual process of ordering is what I love best. Instead of scribbling on a paper menu in preparation for reading out the order and then shouting down the phone to someone who is trying to filter out the background noise of a busy restaurant, you just tick boxes on the screen. The order is tallied up and you pay for it then and there. Paying is simple and you’re only handing your credit card details to one organisation. And almost all the restaurants we’ve tried so far have some sort of deal running offering a discount.

Finally, you get a confirmation message with a clear expected delivery time. The whole process is clean, simple and efficient.

There are some negative reviews out on the webs but these mostly seem to be about interactions with the individual restaurants involved rather than anything that can be sleeted home to Menulog itself. Certainly I’ve had nothing but good experiences so far.

They have apps for iPhone and Android, which would be handy for ordering while on the bus on your way home. At home though I far prefer to use the big screen on my computer for this sort of thing.

Menulog is yet another example of how cleverly using the Internet can truly change and improve the way that we do business.
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