National Digital Technology curriculum course starts

technologies curriculumGoogle has announced the commencement of a free open online course to help primary school teachers implement the new Digital Technologies Curriculum. Over the last few weeks, suddenly, and happily, the whole idea of teaching kids coding has gained enormous momentum locally. Here’s Google’s announcement:

The new Digital Technologies Curriculum for Australia will help create a generation of creators of technology, by developing their skills in computational thinking, design and code.

Last year we announced a partnership with the University of Adelaide to develop a free open online course to help primary school teachers across Australia bring computer science and computational thinking (a set of problem-solving skills and techniques that software engineers use) into their classrooms. Classes will begin next week.

The course, available and open to anyone with an internet connection, will explain the fundamentals of digital technology and computational thinking and is focused on the learning objectives of the new Digital Technologies curriculum (Foundation – 6).  Running over 8-10 weeks, the modules will provide foundational knowledge for all teachers, as well as examples of ways to teach concepts of computational thinking and computer science, and example learning activities for the Digital Technologies section of the new national curriculum.

Teachers will also be able to focus on the resources and lessons most applicable to the classes they teach, as well as being able to contribute and share knowledge through dedicated online communities.

We believe this curriculum will be an important first step in preparing Australian students to become the creators and innovators of the future. We look forward to hearing feedback from teachers across the country.

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