Parkhound app finds shared parking spaces

screen568x568Parkhound is an online marketplace that connects drivers looking for parking with local property owners who have spare parking spaces. It’s another classic case where the Internet can facilitate a market that otherwise would have too much friction to exist. The result is a win for everyone involved and even for those of not directly involved as it reduces competition for on-street parking by sharing space that would otherwise be wasted.

Like all such ventures, it only really works when there is a critical mass of available spaces where you want them and they are easy to find. Finding spaces has become easier with Parkhound announcing the launch of a new car park booking app for iPhone. The free app allows motorists to compare over 1,000 community sourced parking spaces instantly.

The new app allows customers to take advantage of the largest range of parking spaces sourced from local property owners such as driveways, garages and allocated apartment parking spaces. So whether you are going to the beach in Brisbane, shopping in Sydney, or live music in Melbourne, customers can now find a ‘cheap and cheerful’ parking space on the go.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find a great many spots available within a few minutes of centrally located spots around north Sydney. Not having a car, I haven’t tried renting one – but the availability bodes well for the success of the venture. And $18 for a day’s parking in North Sydney sounds like a good deal to me.

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