Zombies retreat to Melbourne

irlshooterpozibleIRL’s Patient 0 – the real-life zombie shooter game – has failed to reach its funding target and so wont be run in Sydney. The company has announced that it is heading back down to Melbourne in the clear expectation that they can fund a second run down there.

There are probably many reasons why this hasn’t worked in Sydney, but I still maintain the overall lack of detail made a commitment difficult. It worked as a crowd-funded start-up when they first ran it down South, but there’s a difference between a crowd-funding and ticket-selling – they really needed to tell people when and where it would be. That they reached only $132,500 out of a $1 million target clearly says something went wrong – and it’s not that Sydney isn’t interested in zombies or an innovative event.

I hope that what was probably a pretty painful experience for the producers wont put them off trying Sydney again in the future.

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