Review: Dexim Universal Dock Station

Dexim Universal DockIn my on-going mission to make my tablet and phone do as many things as possible I’ve just tossed out my old bedside alarm clock and replaced it with a docking station. Now each night I slide my iPad onto the station, fire up the Alarm Clock app and have a nice gently-glowing clock while simultaneously charging my iPad.

The Universal Docking Station is a simple beast. It has a nicely weighted base and comes packaged with a USB cable. Slide the iPhone or iPad onto the dock and your job is done. I do have one criticism of the Station: Last thing at night it can be difficult to marry up Apple’s tiny Lightning connector plug with the socket on the iPad; and if you leave the iPad cover folded back ‘difficult’ moves up to ‘extremely difficult’. I’ve taken to simply folding the iPad cover back into the triangular support position before putting the iPad into the dock. This wouldn’t be a problem with a phone – but I read books on my iPad last thing at night so that’s the device that lives beside my bed.

I wanted the simplest clock app I could get, and in the end plumped for Alarm Clock – while it can do many more things I have it set up to just show the time. All in all this is a nice solution and I can remove another item from the clutter in my house.

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The Dock was provided to us by the lovely folk at Mobile Zap.

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