Review: SoundWear SD50 Bluetooth headphones

orzly headphonesThe SoundWear SD50s are an excellent value set of Bluetooth headphones. They are compact enough to carry around, yet large enough to wear comfortably. They pair easily enough to your phone, tablet or other device and the Bluetooth 2.0 link provides a lovely long-range connection if you are wandering about the house. We found the sound quality excellent.

I’ve had my Junior Senior Music Correspondent trying these out and my only criticism is that with them on he doesn’t hear me shouting for him to stop listening to music and come to dinner. His summary of the headphones:

“The headphones are relatively easy to connect to the device, but I had to look at the instructions to figure it out. It took me two tries to pair the headphones and my phone up, but was probably because of user error. The sound coming from the headphones is excellent; but, just a warning, its default setting is maximum volume so, before listening for the first time, I advise turning it down. The best thing, obviously, is that you don’t need a cable; so in the house you can leave you phone lying around while you run around with the headphones on. Even on the bus it is nice to have, because you don’t have an annoying cable to get in your way.”

The phone also cuts in nicely when you want to take a call, although without a microphone you don’t want to be separated from your device for phoning. The built-in battery seems to last well, although we haven’t had any opportunity or need to completely run it down. It certainly has hours of use available to it.

All-in-all this is a lovely bit of kit.

We were provided with a review set of the headphones by the lovely folk at MobileZap.

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