Japan’s scientists still baffled about why whales die when harpooned says The Shovel

cropped-shovel-21“After decades of research, Japanese scientists are no closer to discovering why whales suddenly die when tracked down, surrounded and then shot with an explosive-tipped harpoon.” reports The Shovel.

Other news from the rather excellent The Shovel includes the news that “Australia’s image of itself has been cautiously raised to ‘manageable’ after the nation won five games of sport in a row.” and the story that “Those concerned about climate change can rest easy, following a reader poll in a popular newspaper that revealed the phenomenon is no longer a serious threat.”

The Shovel describes itself as “Australia’s second favourite source of satire, after Today Tonight.” and it’s certainly doing a very nice line in locally relevant wit. The pieces are funny and quite short so it makes for a very entertaining read. Almost equally entertaining, though, are the comments from people who clearly need to spend some time with a dictionary looking up the meaning of ‘satire’.

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