Chasing bats in Centennial Park

I am assured by the organisers that it is super geeky to chase bats in Centennial Park; in an organised way of course. Who am I to argue?

It’s all about Rangers taking guests on Spotlight Prowls in the park after dark.

We take guests on a sunset walk to view our colony of fruit bats departing to forage for the night, search for the diurnal birds as they head to bed and the nocturnal ones as they wake up, hear stories of amazing eel migrations, drama in the plant world, and cap it off with a search for impressive huntsman spiders. It’s a lot of fun, and full of amazing facts! Did you know that fruit bats can fly 100km a night in search of food? Or that Huntsman spiders are romantic partners and devoted mums? Centennial Park comes to life at night, and has many surprising stories to share.

These events are run throughout the year, time is dependent upon Sunset. The next one is on 23 January from 8-9pm and costs $15. For booking and gory details take a look here.

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