A geeky day out in Sydney


Cockatoo Island tunnel.
Cockatoo Island tunnel.

What would you do for a geeky day out in Sydney? Serious question: What would you do?

I recently got an email from Sharon, who said:

I live in Melbourne but I’m surprising my boyfriend with a trip to Sydney for his birthday. He is quite interested in tech and geeky things and I was wondering if you could please suggest any places to go or things to do in Sydney that he would possibly find interesting?

It’s a great question and a surprisingly tricky one to answer. ‘Geek’ can mean different things to different people. But here, while trying to keep it mainstream, was my answer:

  1. Spend a couple of hours at The Powerhouse Museum or the Nicholson Museum. The Powerhouse is the most obvious technology venue in Sydney. The Nicholson is not such an obviously geeky place, but it’s an absolute gem of a museum with lots of historical exhibits and has the LEGO Colosseum.
  2. For some fresh air, catch a ferry to Cockatoo Island and stroll amongst the huge industrial remnants. It’s a lovely ferry ride from Circular Quay and has a nice bar for a drink once you’ve been through the tunnels and stared at cranes.
  3. If you have some more time on the Harbour take a look at some old tech, and visit Fort Dennison. History and cannons make a great combination.
  4. For a shopping experience catch a bus over the Bridge to Crows Nest – great place for a meal – and visit Professor Plums. It’s small but filled with geeky things to buy (probably wouldn’t do this by itself, but combined with a meal or coffee it’s worthwhile).
  5. I’d finish the day at the Sydney Observatory  – especially take a look at what they have going on in the evenings. Even if they aren’t running something, the surrounding park is a perfect place for a view of the Sunset.

So what else should I have suggested?

Image: Cockatoo Island.

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