Pickled people in Sydney on Obscura Day

Image: Obscuraday.com.

Obscura Day is an international celebration of unusual places. It is a day of expeditions, back room tours, and exploring hidden wonders. This year it is taking place on April 28th.

In Sydney there appear to be only two events both at the Museum of Human Disease. The first is Pickled People an evening event during which you will learn how to preserve tissue samples, guided by the Museum’s resident embalmer. The other event is a full day at the Museum billed as “A no holds barred exploration of what really kills people in Australia”  and involving:

Australia’s only publicly accessible pathology collection will be more exciting for Obscura Day, with expert talks on diseases, medical research and the best ways to avoid our many human conditions, dissections of sheep brains, pigs hearts and cows eyes and comparative anatomy and pathology discussions, and a bit of hands on self experimentation.

Both events sound fascinating in a suitably obscure way. I’d like to think a few more Sydney events will pop up before the 28th as the next nearest events listed are in New Zealand and California.

One thought on “Pickled people in Sydney on Obscura Day

  • April 18, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    Sorry – “pickled” is sold out
    But “Know Your enemy” still has places during the day – April 28th http://bit.ly/AgUoyY


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