All Girls Science Day in Centennial Park

Girls_science_day_400x180This is a fantastic idea if you have a girls who are remotely interested in science. Jalyn Neysmith has been in contact to say:

“I’m an education ranger at Centennial Park where next Friday, January 10th, we’re running an All Girls Science Day, a science holiday camp for girls aged 8-13.

We’re running the camp to draw attention to, and combat, the low levels of enrolment Australia is seeing for women in science. The gender gap between girls and boys choosing to study science and maths in high school in Australia is larger now than it was in the 1980s, a shocking statistic to most who think we’ve made much better progress.

Science holiday camps are a great, low-pressure way to engage with science, but most camps are dominated by boys. Being in such a minority makes it less fun for girls, and gives them the impression that science is just for boys. All Girls Science Day will provide girls with an all-female environment where they’ll do experiments and research in a wide variety of science subjects. The day is led by female instructors, and will include a visit by a female scientist. This year our guest lady of the lab is Dr. Tanya Latty, who researches the behaviour and swarm intelligence of social insects like ants, bees, and the wonderful slime mould, and has had her research featured in National Geographic and BBC Nature among others. She’s a fantastic and enthusiastic roll model for young girls.

Science is so important in daily life, and can be a huge confidence booster for kids when they take on a challenge, solve a problem, or discover something new for themselves. The camp will allow them to do all those things, as well as the traditional colourful and explosive experiments!

More information on the camp can be found on our website.”

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