Game Masters app is a fun taster for the Exhibition

IMG_0194_0smThe Powerhouse’s shiny new exhibition is Game Masters. It features over 100 playable games showing how games can be art and how games have developed over time. There is also an accompanying app which is something that’s worth downloading even if you’re not going to visit the Exhibition.

So often the apps that accompany exhibitions are awful – which makes this a nice change. Game Master: The Game doesn’t purport to guide you through the Exhibition although there’s a small canned summary of what you’ll see. No, it’s focus is a rather nice version of pong that shows off some of the different game genres. The closer tie-in with the Exhibition is that you can get a bonus level if you visit the Museum and collect a series of QR codes.

Even if you can’t visit the Games Masters Exhibition, it’s worth downloading the free app for a few minutes of fun.

For all the gory details on the Games Masters Exhibition see here.

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