Sydney Maker Faire a triumph

Sydney Maker Faire robotThe Sydney Mini Maker Faire lived up to all expectations yesterday.

This was Sydney’s first Maker Faire and, for those of us who read of them in other parts of the World with mounting jealousy, it was important it worked well so it will live and grow in future years. The Faire had a great range of exhibitors from origami to 3D printers, from rockets to robots, from electronics to embroidery. What characterised all the exhibitors was their endless enthusiasm and goodwill. That goodwill was reflected in a great crowd; which although it sported more than the average salting of cool, geeky t-shirts was surprisingly eclectic.

Some of the highlights for me included drawing with a 3D pen, driving the mini robowars bots, chatting to UNSW students about the satellite they have built, and discovering how to manipulate DNA in the comfort of your own home.

Really there was something for everyone and the huge spaces of the Powerhouse were a perfect venue, as well as a perfect conceptual fit. I have no idea how the powers of the Powerhouse will judge success for the event but I’m hoping that they saw what I saw: Good crowds, happy people, and  exhibitors who had given out rafts of cards. A triumph.

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