Zombies will walk Sydney’s streets tomorrow

Sydney Zombie WalkTomorrow is the annual Sydney Zombie Walk.

The Walk starts from Hyde Park at 3:30pm on Saturday 2 November, although zombies will be gathering in the Park for a couple of hours before that. The Walk then shambles its way down the streets to Prince Alfred Park.

If you are interested in joining the Walk you need to register and there are some spoil-sport rules like only fake weapons are allowed and no actual brains can be eaten. The whole thing is for an excellent cause:

For 4 years, the Sydney Zombie Walk has been tempting thousands of zombies out of their basements to drag their rotting limbs across Sydney’s streets. Our objective? To infect those fortunate few who have yet to succumb to the latest zombie outbreak.

The Sydney Zombie Walk is an annual event where thousands of people get involved to raise awareness for Australia’s Brain Foundation. Zombie Walks have been happening all over the world to raise money for various causes – the earliest known to have been in 2001 in Sacramento, California. Sydney has been producing zombies since 2009, raising over $1000 in our most recent walk.

See here for the gore and groan-laden details.

Image: Sydney Zombie Walk.

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