Why is science important? Here’s a website with an answer

This website, created by physics teacher and film-maker Alom Shahasets, out to answer the question: Why is science important.

Why Science is a great idea. It’s really aimed at teachers dealing with students sitting and tiredly asking — “what’s the point of this?”. But, really, you could apply it equally validly to try to explain to politicians why they should be listening to scientists, and more generally to deal with the question: “Why is education important?”.

If you’ve ever had to explain an interest in science, or tried to communicate science to a disinterested group, or just shouted through the television at politicians response to global warming Why Science is a bit of a trove of useful thoughts and explanations. The core of the site is a video, which is then surrounded by comments from a range of scientists and others on their view of the importance of science.

There are many answers, but here’s what I distilled out of my morning’s video watching: Truth is better than illusion. And finding truth through hypothesising, testing and reviewing is why science is important.

Why is Science Important? from Alom Shaha on Vimeo.

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