People doing strange things with electricity in Sydney

dorkbot_logoDorkbot Sydney is all about people doing strange things with electricity: How can that be anything other than fascinating?

I was recently listening to a podcast in which a number of people were bemoaning the way that modern education forces you to choose between a maths / science path and an arts / literature path. In that modern educational view of the world art and science don’t overlap. It seems to me that Dorkbot is a great example of why this doesn’t have to be so. Their mission is to bring people together…

 …from different fields who are interested in doing strange things with electricity; be you artist, engineer, musician, electrician, software developer, hermit, whatever. Regular meetings pose as an opportunity for public discussion, peer review and exploration of ideas, experiments and finished works and also to solidify and invite growth, encouragement and collaboration in a community of curious people.

A quick rummage through the local, somewhat chaotic, website left me both amused and slightly bemused. “Eclectic’ is the only way to describe talks and presentations that cover anything from painting with light to home-built synthesizers, from mapping invisible data (think airplane radar) to  a robotic aupair, from bitcoins to Raspberry Pi karaoke. Well, you could also describe them as ‘ eclectic and wonderful’.

Dorkbot meets up in Cleveland St, Surry Hills. There’s a mailing list if you’d like to be kept up on upcoming events.

If you have any interest is seeing the Venn diagram of art and technology pushed into greater overlap, or just in seeing some very cool things done by locals, head on over to the Dorkbot Sydney website.


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