An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments reviewed

irrelevant_authorityAn Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments ought to be required reading in schools. And in Parliaments.

In a World where we are surrounded by ill-though through or simply duplicitous claims, can there be anything more important to understand than the way a good logical argument is constructed? Perhaps the one thing more important is to recognise and understand a bad argument.

The Book of Bad Arguments sets out to make an understanding of logical argument more accessible through illustration. It certainly has beautiful line-art illustrations, that are both witty and informative. For me, though, the accompanying text was probably more useful as a way of understanding the points being made. Put the text and illustrations together and you have a thoroughly interesting and educational little book.

bad arguments coverThe Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments by Ali Almossawi  is being released in hardcopy in November but is currently available in its entirety on the Web. It’s not a long book and is absolutely worth reading.

The book concludes with the hope that the reader leaves…

…with a realization of the dangers of flimsy arguments and how commonplace they are in our everyday lives.

Personally I left with the realisation that books like this ought to be required reading to get a licence to vote.

Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

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