Tyrannosaurs coming to the Australian Museum







The Australian Museum is putting on a World-first exhibition on Tyrannosaurs.

The exhibition features fossil specimens from China and North America never before seen in Australia, as well as stunning life-sized skeletons and models. Using cutting-edge technology,Tyrannosaurs is the first museum exhibition in Australia to feature augmented reality, and includes hands-on and multimedia experiences that will engage and excite children and adults alike.

Picking Tyrannosaurs seems like a sure-fire winner for the Museum; and they’re obviously expecting it to be popular with only timed tickets available. That said, the Exhibition looks like it will go far beyond the obvious T Rex and look at the whole family including T Rex’s diminutive cousins. That includes the first public view of specimens of Guanlong wucaii, a relative of Tyrannosaurus rex that helped confirm the link between dinosaurs and birds.

To complement the Exhibition there will be “a variety of events to suit visitors of all ages, from children’s activities such as museum sleepovers, torchlight tours and dinosaur-themed museum hunts through to a lecture series and an after-five program for adults”. All sounds good.

The Exhibition opens on 23 November. Tickets are available now.

This advertising video of the dinosaur running through Sydney is amusing.

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