The Vikings are coming to Sydney

vikings760x320There is something endlessly compelling about Vikings; but a lot of what makes them fascinating is as much myth as reality.

The Maratime Museum has a major exhibition coming up called Vikings – Beyond the Legend which sounds like it’ll go some way towards explaining what was real and what was myth – and be a lot of fun.

This must-see exhibition draws on recent archaeological discoveries and nearly 500 rare artefacts to shed new light on the Viking way of life while challenging stereotypes of Vikings as ferocious, plundering pagans in horned helmets.

Many of the artefacts have never been seen in Australia such as the oldest known Scandinavian crucifix, finely crafted bronze and silver jewellery, exquisite gold and silver pendants, small statuettes of Norse gods, and Viking swords dating from 700-1100AD.

Visitors can also see an eight metre replica of the Viking boat Krampmacken, and step on board the Jorgen Jorgenson – a newly restored reconstruction of the late 9th century Gokstad ship.

The Exhibition runs from 19 September until February. Tickets are on sale now. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a launch event where you can turn up and wield a rubber sword.

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