Swords in Sydney

Swordcraft beardsEver felt like buckling on some armour and wielding a sword? This could be your chance.

Swordcraft is looking at setting up a Sydney chapter. Swordcraft, based in Melbourne, is a:

“Medieval Live Action Battle Game and LARP where players fight with reinforced, realistic looking foam rubber weapons and padded arrows. Some of us wear armour, but you don’t need anything to play.

Think of it as paintball meets medieval/fantasy battle – carnage with a dash of medieval re-enactment, roleplaying and cosplay. We are inspired by everything from history to LOTR, Warhammer, WoW and beyond.”

The idea of setting up a Sydney chapter is being supported by The Hundred Swords from Canberra who describe themselves as a battle-sports group and appear to do a fine job of bringing Medieval mayhem to the open spaces around the National Library.

I have to say both groups look like they have a lot, a lot, of fun. Just take a look at the photos – although there’s definitely some peculiar use of beards going on down in Melbourne.

For information on the Sydney Swordcraft chapter see their Facebook page.

Image: www.swordcraft.com.au

3 thoughts on “Swords in Sydney

  • May 16, 2017 at 9:39 am

    So unfortunately Swordcraft has not gone ahead with this, however another group will be! They are called Battlecry Sydney. They have a Facebook page and are starting to run fortnightly games in St. Peters…

    Feel free to email them for details at: [email protected]


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