LEGO Acropolis coming to Sydney

LegoAcropolis4The fabulous Nicholson Museum is a having a LEGO Acropolis built. I can only applaud their efforts to make their displays engaging for kids, and adults, although I reckon the museum is entrancing in any case.

The Acropolis is being built by Ryan McNaught, Australia’s Master Builder. It will be complete in time for a grand opening on July 6 and 7 where it will be revealed accompanied by a range of activities including handling ancient artifacts, meeting an ancient Greek hoplite soldier, and exploring Greek mythology. Reading between the lines this is also one of those rare occasions that the Nicholson is open on a Sunday which provides an opportunity for families with Saturday commitments to make a visit.

The LEGO Acropolis apparently even has a mini-fig of Lord Elgin stealing the Marbles. If you listen carefully, you can already hear the Greek’s crying “Lego our marbles!” (So sorry…)

More details here and here.

Image: Nicholson Museum.

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