Hackagong in Wollongong – say that five times quickly

hackagonHackagong is an epic annual hackathon competition held in Wollongong where small teams of makers get together over a weekend with an idea or problem to solve, and build a technology-driven product or service prototype, in just 30 hours.

The hackathon is open to all at any skill level, with successful teams typically consisting of a mix of people with skills in design, programming, business, marketing, engineering, entrepreneurship and many others. Teams typically build small website or mobile app prototypes that either solve a particular problem or are just simply cool. Last year’s overall winning team, Giftling, has gone on to create a successful startup.

This year the competition includes a “Best 3D printed object” category which is an interesting idea. I’ll be interested to see how they define ‘best’ in this context.

The Hackagong is on July 20 and 21 at the University of Wollongong. Full details on the Hackagong website.

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